1. Nice quote!

    Taking inspiration from the Japanese text, I think replacing “recognize” with “know” yields a better English translation.

    Or, to make it even more poetic sounding, you can use “know” in both places:

    “Until you know real compassion, you can not know real love.”

    • BlueberryBlueMoon

      Thank you for the comment. If this quote was “Until you know real compassion, you can not know real love” then it is easier to translate as a Japanese speaker. Sometimes I take hours to translate a short sentence. I’m new to the states and I’m struggling translation everyday (-.-;)y-~~~ I know you are great English/Japanese translator!! I’m glad to hear from you. Thank you anyway!

      • My apologizes, I just realized that you were starting with an English quote and translating to Japanese, not the other way around.

        I should have read the post more carefully (:


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