DIY Lemon Slices in Honey / はちみつレモン

はちみつレモンは、スライスしたレモンをはちみつに漬けたとてもシンプルなものですが、はちみつの栄養価とレモンに含まれるビタミンCやクエン酸との相乗効果で、疲労回復、美肌効果、喉の痛みや咳などに効果があるとされ、日本では必要に応じて “はちみつレモン” を作り置きする家庭が昔からあります。

DIY Lemon Slices in Honey, as its name suggests, is very simple pickled and sliced lemon in honey. The lemon contains synergistic effects of nutritive value of honey, vitamin C, and citric acid; it is effective for fatigue recovery, beautiful skin effect, sore throat, and cough. In Japan, families who make “Lemon Slices in Honey ” are a tradition from long ago.


・Eating sweet and bitter honey lemon slice as a nutritional supplement during sports.
・Take honey lemon instead of medicine for unpleasant symptoms of the throat caused by a cold or dry air.
・Simply, put it in English tea or Green tea, and drink.
・Make Lemonade with it.
・You can use it to make sweets.
Besides being effective in various scenes, it is truly useful.


Very simple to make, only the following three ingredients.


  • 2 medium size, organic Lemons
  • 1 lb (500g) of Honey
  • a Jar (sterilized with boiling water before use / 煮沸消毒してください)


I recommend using organic lemon. If it is not organic lemon, please rub the lemon skin with salt and rinse well, or wash them using vegetable detergent.


1. レモンはよく洗い、表面の水気をペーパータオルでぬぐい、レモンを薄切りにします。Wash the lemon thoroughly, wipe the surface moisture with a paper towel and slice the lemon (about 0.13 thick slices or thiner).


2. 殺菌済みの器の中に、はちみつとレモンスライスを交互に入れ、最後に、レモンがはちみつに被るまではちみつを注いでください。In the sterilized jar, layer the lemon slices into the jar, covering each slice with honey.

3. しっかりフタをして冷蔵庫で保存し、最低3日は寝かせてください。レモンから水分が出ますので1日に一度、器をひっくり返すなどして全体を馴染ませてください。Close the lid, store in the refrigerator. Gently shake the jar 1 time every day for the lemon juice and honey to distribute evenly.


There are 5 to 10 times more vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, Beta-carotene, potassium, etc in lemon peel than lemon juice, and the inner layer of skin (pith) contains many kinds of polyphenols called vitamin P (quercetin). However, bitterness is also extracted from the pith. So, you can cut the skin off, add extra honey, or you can remove the lemon slices out from the jar after 3 days. Please do not throw the lemon slices away. You can use the lemon slices as a honey lemon mask to your skin (use only at night, require a patch test), it can be store frozen, or use it for baked confectionery.


As long as sterilization is done, it can be stored in a refrigerator for about half a year.


Please try it!




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